Discussion with Dominic Borton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey

March 19th 2013

Dominic Borton is the Global Managing Director of McKinsey. He is such a very humble person who gave his 2 hours in Indonesia to have informal discussion with us, the young leaders for Indonesia (YLI) alumns, in Pasific Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel Pasific Place this afternoon.

We discussed about “being a leader”. Dominic has  met lots of CEOs of top companies in this world and top leaders of many countries as well. He asked them questions about what make them leaders. From these answers, he explained many things related to personal attributes of leader and role; *I may share this one time, not now*

One of his sentences that sounds so interesting is “The more successful people have more bad luck”. Apparently, bad luck gave us lesson that can make us tough.

Then I asked him “When you were in our age, what kind of bad luck that you faced?”

His answer made me surprised. After graduating from university, he applied to many companies. What he got are rejection, rejection, rejection, so many rejections before he finally got an offer. Then, I realized that it is true that we should not let our self down after one failure. Instead, we have to keep trying and trying.

I raised another question, “Did he plan to be a global leader that time?”. He said, “NO”.

“But, that time, I want to be somebody that can influence other and make shape” he added. This made me sure that it is important for us to set our goal in this life.

Well, this post is not covering all the conversation. Yet, at least, I post it.

*It is the 3rd month of this year, and I have just made one post. Poor me!*

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