McKinsey, Let’s start it with Bismillah ^^

McKinsey Company,  a very big global company, which serves the majority of the world’s 100 largest companies, made an interneship program, named YOUNG LEADERS FOR INDONESIA.  I apply for this promising program. Finally, I was selected!!! Well, it seems like unbelievable for me at the beginning. I saw the name of National Universitiy of Singapore, NTU, UI, UGM, ITB, etc, and I saw Universitas Bakrie, I saw my name.  Juwariyyah was announced to be one of the selected participant to join that 6 months intenship.

Oh ya, In this internship program, we are going to have capacity building instead of responsibility to make 2x 2 months project. The first project is personal project, the second one will be team project, we will work for some reputable companies. That will be very challanging.


About waididudidam

-I might not be the best daughter in the world, but I will do my best for my parents. -(Sedang Berusaha Menjadi) Cerdas, Berintegritas, dan Bermanfaat -(Dalam Proses Menuju) Juwairiyyah, S.E

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  1. SEMANGAT KAK…!!!!
    do the best for INDONESIA N 4 OUR FAMILY..
    I PROUD OF U..

    • ^^ Alhamdulillah, dari awal 2012 smpe skrg beruntun bnyk nian nikmat yg ria dpt mang…
      mohon doany semoga ria dak lupo bersyukur, idak sombong, dan langkahnyo terus dibimbing Allah SWT 🙂

  2. yogaslavianarmy

    Congratulations! 🙂

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