Dreams come true: Microsoft, google, etc

It was on the beginning of 2011 when I wrote my wish to meet Bill Gates (or the people who works for Microsoft), Eric Schimidt (or the people who work for Google), The ministers , Anies Baswedan, Joko Widodo, Tri Mumpuni, Elang Gumilang, and the CEO of many companies. It seemed like impossible. How can I, a student from Jambi, meet the important people? I just wrote it down , prayed to God, figured out, and do my best. The power of mind!! The power of Iman! as my 2011 tagline: DREAM, DO, DESERVE!! Yap! My dreams came true on 2011. I meet all of the people on that list, except Joko Widodo. (oke, yg ini hutang ya!)

This photo was taken on Desember 22th 2012. After having an “economic leaders forum”, I presented the program held by YAFI (Youth’s Act for Indonesia) “Kami Berbakti” , then I got the positive response from him. Moreover, I got many sponsor for this prorgam. I really thank God for that. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day, May Allah SWT lead me to do many positive things for a better Indonesia to make my parents proude of me. ^_^

For further experience, Check this Out.

Do you believe in The Power of Mind?  I do! The theory  “The power of Mind“ does work on me to make my dreams come true.

My habbit is writing down my dreams on a paper, hanging it on the wall, and  gazing it before I slept. Come to my room!  you gonna see many papers, lots of dreams, either the short-term or the long-term dreams.In 2011, I joined many workshop, seminars, and forums, which gave me chances to meet them all, even more than what I expected, but Joko W not yet J.  Moreover, I paid NO CHARGE for these events.. I got the invitations then joined these events in 2011. See? The power of mind does work!!!  Don’t waste your time, give it a try!!!

Here they are-the dreams that come true:

  • Seminar “National Competitiveness Toward Indonesia 2025”, speakers:
  1. Mr. Irman Gusman, Chairman of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia,
  2. Mr. MrOrlando Ayala, Corporate Vice President, Chairman of Emerging Markets, and Chief Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Microsoft Corporation.
  3. Mr.Gita Wirjawan, Chairman of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board.
  4. Mr. Sandiaga Uno, Chairman of Saratoga Capital and Co-founder of Modernisator.
  • Workshop Google Adsense “Optimizing traffic & Adsense” and workshop HIV/AIDS “Meningkatkan Kesadaran HIV/AIDS di Kalangan Remaja”,  speakers:
  1. Niken sasmaya, OPG account manager Google Asia
  2. Henky Prihatna, Country consultant Google Asia
  3. Wenita Indrastati, Asisten Deputi Pengembangan Program Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS Nasional
  4. Djenar Mahesa Ayu, novel writer “Mereka bilang saya monyet”
  5. Enda Nasution, “Bapak Blogger Indonesia”
  6. Kheista Leonie Christiante, Commitee of Rumah Cemara
  • Focus Group Discussion,  speakers:
  1. Sanny Djohan,  President of PT. Kuark Internasional
  2. Ir. Nita Yudi, President Ikatan Wanita Pengusaha Indonesia
  3. Ihsan M. Iqbal G.G, Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia
  • Economic Leaders Forum, 22 Desember 2011, speakers:
  1. Anies Baswedan, Ph.D “kebijakan ekonomi-politik Indonesia”
  2. Budi W Soetjipto, Ph. D “Pembangunan Human Capital Indonesia Masa Depan”
  3. Y.W Junardy “Peran Entrepreneur mewujudkan perekonomian”
  • Seminar “Trends and Development in Indonesian Higher Education

Speaker: Mr. Fasli Jalal, vice education minister of Indonesia, 2011

  • Seminar “Venturing into Clean Energy Entrepreneurship: a discussion what the future holds. A discussion with commercial companies on how to make money from renewable energy with USAID.

Speaker: Mrs. Tri Mumpuni, Excecutive Director of Institut Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan, 2011

  • Seminar, “Property Business” PT. Bakrie Land Development,

Speaker: Hiramsyah S. Tahib, CEO of PT. Bakrie Land Development, Tbk.

  • Seminar “Entrepreneurship Seminar” (Guest Lecture)

Speaker: by Mr. Skip Yowell, CEO of Jansport, 2011

  • Seminar “Entrepreneurship Wirausaha Muda Mandiri

Speaker:  Mr. Elang Gumilang, CEO of Elang Group, 2011

  • Seminar “Kulinerpreneurship Seminar

Speaker: Mr. Wendy Santoso, The Owner of Bandar Jakarta, 2011

  • Seminar “Inspiring woman, full of dedication”,

Speaker: Mrs. Yuliawati, The Owner of Moz5 salon, 2011

  • Workshop “Ayo Berbagi”, Indonesia Future Leader, 2011

Speaker: Iman Usman, ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassador

  • Seminar “Let’s Judge a book from its cover”

            Speaker: Mrs.Indah Sukoco, 2011

  • Seminar “Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Speaker: Mr. Dwi Setiawan, 2011

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  1. Dan foto yg lu pajang itu yg paling ge ngk suka………

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