Study Japanese by your self!

Hi Guys!

I made this posting purposefully for you guys who really want to study japanese but you have no idea how to start doing it.

Do you want to be able to speak japanese, but you have no enough money to take a course, then you decide to study by your self? Yap! You are very lucky if you find this posting.

I just found a really cool ebook that teaches me japanese like my senpai did when I was in the junior high school. This is not such an ordinary ebook that teaches you greetings or other common sentences, this will lead you to study the detail of japanese, start from zero. If you eager to know and speak japanese, I recommend you to read this ebook. I will upload it soon, ok! Meanwhile, I also recommend you these pages:

Teach yourself Japanese

Yahoo! online lessons

Japanese online

Happy Studying Guys! Good Luck!

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