Special Posting #3bulan#sakitrumah

Special Posting….

27 Juli 2009 – 27 Oktober 2009

This posting I write ..
For them…
who I should listen most to, never say no to,
who I should give my love to, my respect, and my honor to,
who I should take good care of, giving all my love,
who I should paid good mind to,
who I should think the most of
who used to hear me before I could talk
who used to hold me before I could walk
who used to feed me and always be with me
when I was sick stay up all night, holding me tight, thats like no other


I slept late at night as your faces came to cheer me up..
Support me to keep studying..
that’s how I know..
“…that your loves for me are real…” (westlife: more than words)
As a proof of my love..
I present you My first mark..
not an excellent one..
*apologize me for that*
85 point for microeconomy…
that’s what I can give you..
about other subject,
I haven’t got any information..
wish me get better marks for others yah..:)
Mom and Dad..
If only you know…
how I couldn’t sleep late at night
while your faces always haunt me
how I cry and pray to God..
in hope He will keep you save and happy…
Just in this crowded town…
in a sunny day..
I just wonder if I can go around the city with you, not my aunt and my uncle..
I just wonder if I can teach Nisa, not my Reza…
I just wonder if I’m holding Nasywa.. not Belva..
because I DO MISS YOU…
Counting down to december 24th, 2009..
wish I can come home..
proudly show you my IP…

About waididudidam

-I might not be the best daughter in the world, but I will do my best for my parents. -(Sedang Berusaha Menjadi) Cerdas, Berintegritas, dan Bermanfaat -(Dalam Proses Menuju) Juwairiyyah, S.E

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